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Specialist, Instructor, and Entrepreneur

Autobiographical Information
Mrs. Cindy WinkelmanMrs. Winkelman, Cindy Ann

Contact Information:
Telephone: 1(920)427-8216
Address: Zuelke Building, 103 West College Ave.
Suite 701, Appleton, WI 54911

Mrs. Cindy Winkelman has over of a variety of teaching experiences, in both public and parochial settings. Presently, she is the Learning Specialist, English, reading, and ELL (English Language Learner) instructor at Xavier High School in Appleton, where she has worked since 1999.

Educational Information:
Alma Mater: California State University/Los Angeles, BA English
Certifications and Credentials:
  Wisconisn DPI Licenses:
        ✏  Learning Disabilities, 811, preK to grade 12
        ✏  English, 300, grades 6 to 12
        ✏  Reading Teacher, 316, birth to age 21
  Certified Provider:
        ✏  P.A.C.E. (Processing And Cognitive skills Enhancement)
        ✏  Master The Code (M.T.C.: Program for Sound to symbol reading and spelling)
  Irlen Screener (Screening for Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, a reading disorder)
Continuing Education:
  Continuing Education courses from: University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Extension; University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; Silver Lake College, Wisconsin; and Viterbo University, Wisconsin.
  Elementary education and graduate courses at Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, Michigan.


Client Feedback
  “Cindy has been an awesome teacher to work with.  She always seems to know how to get my son to focus and co-operate during tutoring.  She always is very enthusiastic and has wonderful words of encouragement and praise for Carl…and Cindy always knows how to make it FUN.  Carl's spelling, comprehension and processing speed have improved dramatically over the last 6 mos.  We would definitely recommend Cindy & Accelearning to others.”
     - Laura R.

  “Grant used to spend 3-4 hrs. per night on homework.  He took forever to finish.  Now he takes his work to his desk in his room and is done in about an hour or so.”
     - Debra J.

  “The Pace program was very helpful in pinpointing what my daughter's challenges really were.  We saw significant improvements as she progressed through the program.  Her ability to focus increased as well as her self-confidence.  Our experience with her Pace instructor was amazing.  She [Cindy Winkelman] really understood Rachel and was able to encourage her to reach her goals…  This program was a Godsend and her teacher a blessing.  Gratefully- The K. Family.”
     - Nicole K.

  “Colton has gone from hardly being able to read and spell to reading much more fluently and being able to comprehend the story.  He's also improved his math skills…We plan to continue this program and would strongly recommend it for other children who have difficulties.  Thank you.”
     - John, Kris, & Colton S.

  “While completing Pace our daughter has gained confidence!  It was exciting to see her progress and the activities were fun but challenging.  Cindy was excellent at verbally encouraging and praising us all along the way!  She also addressed our concerns, gave us great resources to help us continue our journey.  We are excited to start the school year knowing our daughter can read & comprehend better & faster.”
     - Allison L. M.

  “By the end of the program she (our daughter) cried about leaving and still asks to visit Mrs. Winkelman.  She went from low grades & underachieving academically to making the A-Honor roll both quarters of 6th grade so far and being very proud of her work.”
     - Mary Lou K.

  “Homework is not a fight anymore… We continue to see improvements every day.  He feels he is able to concentrate more and takes more time with his work.  He feels good about himself…  Even relatives have noticed a change in him, more outgoing, more/better communication with others.  Thank You… this program has definitely made a difference in our lives.”
     - Penny K.

  “This program & Cindy especially was fantastic.  She nailed down her problem areas[,] & Hailey progressed very nicely…. I can't say enough good things about the program & the progress of Hailey.  Way to go!”
     - Cindy C.

  “Cindy is excellent.  Michael had behavior problems, low self-esteem & hated school.  He worked hours & hours on homework & made many mistakes.  This year he is like a new kid… He is better able to focus & listen & understand… He is getting much better grades & has learned how to study better & more effectively based on his learning style.  This program would benefit any student & Cindy is excellent & very knowledgable.”
     - Anne E-S.

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