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Our Mission

AcceLearning: Business Aptronym
Here is the story behind the portmanteau, a fancy word, (coined by Lewis Carroll, meaning a new word formed by meshing sounds from two words and combining their meanings) of "AcceLearning"; the business name was created by blending the words accelerate and learning. This name reflects the results of the programs: faster learning speed.

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition, the following are the applied separate meanings combined in our name:

Accelerate /ækˈsɛləreɪt/ verb
  1. trans. Educ. (orig. and chiefly N. Amer.). to advance (a student or group of students) through a course of study more rapidly than is usual, esp. because of exceptional ability.
  2. Also intr. (of a student, etc.): to make comparatively rapid progress in this way.
Learning /ˈlɜː(r)nɪŋ/ verbal noun, gerund
  1. the action of acquiring knowledge or receiving instruction.
  2. knowledge, esp. of language or literary or historical science, acquired by systematic study.

  All children can learn.
  Everyone has his or her own pattern of learning strengths.
  Brain Training can improve learning  
  Learning can and should be fun!  


  "Learn easier and faster at AcceLearning!"


  "Learning is fun and games at AcceLearning!"

AcceLearning's Mission Statement:

AcceLearning's Mission is to individualize learning interventions based on understanding the learner's personal pattern of strengths and weaknesses so that each learner can learn easier and faster while having fun.

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