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Overview of Services Offered

     Here are some of the services: programs, screenings and assessments, resources, and information that AcceLearning offers. For a general overview of the programs and services offered at AcceLearning, you may click here to download a brochure.


Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE)  
PACE The PACE program is designed to help children and adults, age six and older, improve their weak, underlying learning skills. Significant gains will be seen in this twelve-week program, helping the student learn easier, faster.

More Information

To download a brochure, click here.
To download a detailed pamphlet, click here.
To request an informative DVD about the P.A.C.E. brain training program call Accelearning at (920)427-8216 or e-mail.

Master the Code
Master The Code Master the Code is our sound-to-code based reading and spelling program, helping students build a solid foundation to sound out words and gain confidence in reading and spelling.

More Information

To download a brochure, click here.

Writing Skills Instruction
Writing Skills Writing instruction is taught in a systematic way by a certified English teacher. Writing is an essential skill, becoming more important as education progresses and an invaluable and highly esteemed skill in the workplace.

Reading Speed and Comprehension
EyeQ by Infinite Mind Improve your reading comprehension with various reading strategies. Pre- and post-testing are available. One of the reading programs for improved comprehension and speed is EyeQ® by Infinite Mind, which helps to improve "reading and language skills while increasing memory, comprehension, attention, and processing rates." (quoted directly from the EyeQ® website)

Study Skills Instruction
Study Skills Learn how to study more effectively and efficiently. Learn various ways to take notes, study, and learn material. Prepare thoroughly for examinations and standardized tests. Also, tutoring is available for schoolwork.

Screenings & Assessments

Irlen for the Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome
Irlen Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing disorder, which makes it difficult to read print. After diagnosis, through a method developed by Helen Irlen, a client-specific combination of colored overlays will be used to make reading easier.

Attention Screening
ADD - ADHD Attention disorders can impede learning and learning efficiency. The T.O.V.A. assessment does not diagnose but will indicate if client results are "deviant from the norm." Accelearning can then refer clients to area professionals specializing in ADD/ADHD and other disorders with similar symptoms.

Information & Resources

For more about the brain and learning, you may click here. Also, here are some fun and useful links: Book Search, Learning Games, U.S. Timeline, and Books and Lexiles.

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