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Our Goal: Learn Easier and Faster

     Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Basic Service Questions

  What can be expected during an assessment?
Prospective clients will be given assessment testing to determine their areas of need and strengths. Meanwhile, parents may view an informational DVD about the P.A.C.E. and Master The Code program and examine the P.A.C.E. and M.T.C. materials. They may also review comments from previous clients.

  How long will testing last?
Testing takes approximately one hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

  When do I find out results from assessment testing?
A consultation appointment is made at your earliest convenience a few days to a week later. All results will be confidentially discussed then, and a suggested plan to address your child's learning needs will be presented. Fees and a service plan will also be discussed then.

  Do I need to stay with my child during testing?
You may remain in the back of the room, outside the glass door, or relax in the convenient Coin Café on the 4th floor of the historical Zuelke building. If you'd like to take a short stroll, the Appleton Public Library is only a few blocks away. Or want a cup of soothing hot chocolate or stimulating coffee while you wait? The Starbucks Coffee Company, and a variety of other unique cafés, is just a walk across the street or you can stroll College Avenue and visit the unique shops (hey, daisy!, Vagabond Imports, Two Paws Up Bakery), museums (The History Museum at the Castle Featuring Houdini, Children's Museum), and galleries (Studio 213, The Fire Art Studio, The Trout Museum of Art) and much more that line the beautiful downtown area.

Below is an interactive map with places of interest downtown.
To view a larger version of this map, click here.

  How would AcceLearning handle a scenario like this one: Emily is a mediocre reader, has an exceptional vocabulary but is a bad speller?
The assessment testing uncovers the underlying causes of Emily's problem. These causes are addressed in the P.A.C.E and M.T.C. programs. In addition, Cindy Winkelman uses her extensive training in reading and English skills and her Special Education training to supplement with exercises and training to address additional areas.

  How long will it take to notice results during the programs?
Most people notice differences after lesson fifteen, which occurs at week five.

  Is AcceLearning flexible with their clients when scheduling appointment times?
The P.A.C.E. and M.T.C. programs require clients to come in three times a week for 12 to 18 weeks. There are late afternoon and evening appointments during the school year and morning, afternoon, and evening appointments during the summer. Saturdays are available when needed. Important: The program is based on consistency and intensity; therefore, regular attendance is necessary for results. Naturally, an occasional missed appointment due to illness or a special event is acceptable with prior notice.

  Will I lose a lesson when I cancel an appointment?
Not at all, you pay for a set amount of lessons. You get all the hours that you paid for.

  How long is the average lesson?
A lesson consists of a solid hour of instruction. Please plan on fifteen to twenty extra minutes to get set up and provide closure at the end of a lesson.

  What information is covered in the average lesson?
There are over thirty activities in the P.A.C.E. and M.T.C. programs. The programs are sequenced. Five or so activities are introduced and practiced per lesson.

  How can we prepare for an appointment; do we need to prepare?
For the initial assessment, any testing results from school or other assessments and report cards are helpful in gaining insight into your child's strengths and difficulties.

For lessons, you will be assigned exercises to practice at home. Per week, you and your child should put in a minimum of three hours of practice to see results. This sounds like a lot of time, but the exercises themselves take only about 10 to 15 minutes apiece, so practice at home may be broken up into sessions that work for you and your child. If you are too busy to commit to this amount of time, then wait to participate in the program when you are able to prioritize this training.

Credentials and Certification

  What are the qualifications of the instructor at AcceLearning?
Cindy Winkelman is a certified P.A.C.E. and M.T.C. provider; holds a DPI license in English, Reading, and Special Education; and is a certified Irlen Screener. She has taught for in English and Special Education in public, parochial, and private venues. She has taught at Xavier High School in Appleton as their Learning Specialist since 1999 developing curricula and syllabi for over four classes, tutoring in nearly every subject offered by the school, and performing assessments and drawing up personalized student accommodation plans. Accelearning has been in business since 2003 and served over thirty satisfied clients. Most business has been through referrals from satisfied customers. The rest have been from referrals through area professionals. (See Client Feedback.)

 Will AcceLearning work with its clientèle to find and pinpoint problem areas or is there a set curriculum?
The purpose of the assessment testing is to pinpoint areas of weakness. The Learning Specialist will tailor the program to work the areas of most need and supplement with any needed materials. The P.A.C.E. and the Master The Code programs have set, sequential activities and lessons. The Learning Specialist will recommend the program(s) of best fit for the client's needs.

Are the programs at AcceLearning proven to work and research-based?
All programs are based on the newest research on brain-based learning and what works in education. (For a more detailed look, click here.)

Financial Information

  How much does the average appointment cost?
Initial assessment is $65. If a program is purchased, this amount is credited toward payment so that assessment is free with purchase. Periodically, screening is offered free of charge. Check for specials. For individuals seeking other assessments, which are available, (click here, for more information) the fee is $50 per hour. Irlen screening, which runs two and a half to three hours is $150, which includes paperwork, diagnosis, and any needed overlays. Tutoring, which is also offered in various subjects, is $39 per hour. A bulk purchase of 10 lessons or more is offered at a discounted rate of $35/hr.

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